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I'm a 67-year-old man, but I'm still fairly nimble, and I move around the court pretty well. I just moved here with my wife from Minnesota, and haven't yet found people to play tennis with. I'm happy doing just about anything on the court. Back in Minnesota, some of my tennis partners prefer to just practice, so we start out playing mini-tennis, then back up and hit from the baseline, then practice volleys and sometimes overheads, and finally we practice our serves and maybe play out a few points. I have another group of tennis buddies back in Minnesota that can't wait to start playing games, and after a couple minutes of warming up, they want to get right down to business. I'm happy either way, as long as I'm running around and playing.

Work: I spent the last 25 years creating instructional books and videos for hand-drummers and other musicians. Now I'm semi-retired (until I come up with the next idea for a video project).

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