Online Marketing and Advertising. Email Marketing and Banner Ads.

Advertising Options - Banner Ads, Email Marketing

We offer two advertising options - display banners (300 x 250px JPEG or PNG) and email marketing. You can provide your own content and images to use in your email marketing campaign, or we can help you craft the messaging and design the graphics for you. You'll get a chance to review the content before we send it out. You can also specify the date and time of the email blast. Our turnaround time is 2 to 4 days depending on the nature of your campaign.

Local Advertising

If you have a local business - tennis club, tennis academy, tennis school or public tennis center - and would like to reach Tennis Round members in your area, we have the ability to email those members and show banners ads in that particular location, for example within 100 miles of Santa Monica, CA. This is particularly helpful if you are running a tournament or a league and want to drive attendance and registrations to your event.

What We Do

Tennis Round is a communications platform for recreational tennis players and a directory of tennis courts in over 6,000 cities. People use it to connect with other tennis players in their city or neighborhood. With nearly 40,000 members in over 4,200 cities Tennis Round is often used by people who have just moved or when they go on vacation and want to get in touch with nearby tennis players at their own skill level. Every time someone gets an invitation or a message our systems deliver an email, a text message (SMS) and a website notification to the user.

Our Audience

Over 100,000 people visit the website every month looking for tennis players and courts, and exchanging messages to schedule tennis matches. Monthly we serve over 300,000 page views and process over 50,000 invites and messages among tennis players, who are members of the site. Players can contact each other directly or use our automatic player matching service included in the Premium Plan.

Contact Us

To learn more about advertising and discuss pricing for your particular campaign, please email us at or contact us by phone at 415-754-8068 (call or text).