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Join a community of more than 40,000 tennis players from 6,000 cities. Just moved? Travel for work or vacation?
Want to get back in the game? You've come to the right place, where tennis is always on.

Basic plan

You'll get a free basic account which will allow you to select a home court, find and invite other tennis players on your own. It's not as easy as Premium, but it's free and you don't pay for anything.

  • Send up to 50 invites for free to try it out.
  • No credit card required when you register.
  • Send and receive up to 5 invites and messages per day.
Basic membership
Upgrade to Premium anytime


Premium plan

With Premium plan, we'll find matches for you! All you have to do is confirm your match and play. With Premium plan, you can also:
  • Get Automatic Matching with players near you (Automatic Player Matching service) *
  • Get a text message (SMS) every time we find you a match
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Report match scores
  • Track and view your match history
  • Build up your list of tennis friends
  • Keep your tennis messages in one place
  • Earn points for playing and move up in the rankings
  • No daily cap of 5 messages. Send and receive as many messages as you want.
* The Automatic Player Matching service is an on demand service. You can start and stop it at any time if you want to opt out of getting matches.
Premium membership
Cancel or restart your subscription at anytime.
No refunds or prorated charges on any plans.
$6.99 per month
recurring subscription

$29.00 per year
recurring subscription

$49.00 one year membership
non-recurring, one time payment

What you get

Introduction to other players
You'll get introduced to new tennis players of similar skill level.We'll keep looking for tennis partners near your location, who are available to play during the week or weekend. When we find someone, we'll connect you by email. Depending on current location and skill level, you can expect to get around 10 to 20 introductions to different players during the year. If you need to get even more players, you can also send tennis invites and connect with players of your choice to set up matches.

How it works

Get connected by email
First, we analyze your playing skill and information and location. Our algorithm matches you with similar tennis players and based on availability, we connect you by sending you both an email. Then you can use the site to contact each other and arrange where and when you want to play. We'll keep introducing you to new players until you decide you have enough. then you can pause the service and resume at a later date. There's always new players joining, so we recommend you get introduced to as many as possible and then you can build your list of perfect partners.

All you need to do

Confirm your match and play
Every time we find someone who wants to play with you, we'll send you an email. All you have to do is respond to connect with them. Since we're looking for matching players near your location, most matches are played nearby, or oftentimes, at your own court. It's up to you and your opponent to pick a time and place for your match. After you play once, you'll both probably play at the same court next time.


William Yeh, 4.0, Walnut Creek, CA
"The Tennis Round Automatic Player Matching service has been great for getting my tennis game established since moving to Walnut Creek. Scheduling matches is a breeze and being able to connect with new players who just as motivated to play helps keep tennis a regular thing. Through the Automatic Player Matching service, I met the group of guys that I now play with weekly. Being able to research courts and lights is also a huge help for scheduling matches if you're new to an area. Love the service. Keep up the good work!"

Shervin Moheb, 4.0, Seattle, WA
"I enjoy the convenience of the Automatic Player Matching service because it makes it so easy to set up a match with other players that are interested in playing. I've always gotten quick responses from other players and it's made me a better player hitting with players with different styles."

Paul Petty, 3.0, Saint Matthews, KY
"You folks as well as the website are fantastic. Thanks for making these tennis happenings so easy. I will talk it up to everyone I can here in Louisville, Ky. The other few site are quite difficult and not user friendly or near as approachable as yours!!!!! Thanks for helping me have THE best summer!!!"

Fred Drilling, USPTA American University, Washington D.C.
"What a great site! Not sure how I found you, but I’ve been a USPTA pro for over 40 years and I’m in the midst of recommending this site to all of my students."


It's very important that you use your primary email and respond promptly to match invites. We won't spam your email, so please, use an email that you check often. It's OK to say no and decline a match invite. But if you keep igoring match invites, you'll hurt your response rate, which plays a vital part in our determination of who to contact for the next match.

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